Lebanese man accidentally shoots down small engine plane at cousins wedding

It was like any other Saturday night in Farshuba, Lebanon, when Samer Kassab, 35, of Calgary Alberta, Canada was first in line of the dabke getting down at his cousins wedding like he usually does. A group of the older women let out a loud scream of celebration for the newly wed couple. “It was then when I grabbed my 12 gauge shotgun and started shooting in the air.. I did it because It felt natural” said Mr Kassab in a heavy Lebanese accent… a small engine Cessna flying by with a congratulatory banner attached to the back was hit in the propellor which sent the aircraft into a nose dive. Nobody was injured as the plane landed in a zaytuun field and no one pressed charges as Samer Kassab promised to do the walls in mans basement for exchange of the mishap. “Wallah I was mad Bess Yallah malashee” said the pilot of the plane when our reporters caught up to him