Local Man Recovering After Penis Reduction

Todd reclines on an overstuffed sofa. “It’s nice to be able to sit comfortably; to cross my legs if I want to.”
The York City man was deemed a candidate for a controversial penis reduction procedure last Spring.
“I had gotten used to the back problems, even been proud of my always-toned leg muscles … not that I could wear shorts,” the 47-year-old lamented, “but as I’ve aged, the condition worsened.” Todd scratches his cat’s head. “This little guy used to bat at it while I made breakfast. I had to have him declawed.”
Penis reduction procedures are rare – and expensive – and, as an elective surgery, not covered by insurance. “They charge by the inch. I’ve been saving up for years,” Todd claimed.
The last straw of Todd’s pain and suffering was at the beach a few summers ago. “It was dragging as I walked along the shore. That’s a really unpleasant place to be sandpapered.”
When asked if he was pleased with the results, Todd replied, “I’ll have to work on my aim standing at the toilet, but it’s nice not to dangle in that cold water.”
Tissue harvested during surgery was donated to York Hospital’s burn unit. “One recipient had lost his eyelids,” Todd says. “And now he can see again. Though he is a little cock-eyed.”