Local Porter woman wanted for questioning after running from police Friday morning.

Authorities were called to investigate a possible shoplifter Friday morning at a convenient store on Ford Road. Witnesses state the alleged shoplifter came in dressed in pajamas. “She had her hair all twisted up in a clip as though she hadn’t combed it in months!” states local resident Honey BooBoo Smith. Store owner claimed the woman appeared to be arguing with herself. Raj stated “At first I thought she was yelling at me, but when I responded she act as though I had interrupted her conversation”. We attempted to interview a third witness but local resident Wilbur Wetwater was obviously pretty shaken from the incident. His only response was “Lord help me Jesus”. The alleged suspect grabbed a pack of huggies diaper, a carton of cigarettes, a 2 liter Dr. Pepper and a snickers candy bar and was last seen running down Ford Road. The suspect has been identified as Vallory Hicks of Porter, Texas. Do not attempt to approach the alleged suspect as she may be dangerous. Contact your local authorities right away.