Local Resident To Become National Star

Things can happen so fast once you get in the spotlight of national TV. Jordan Griffin from Warsaw, MO came into National spotlight when him and his family participated on Family Feud, a popular game show hosted by Steve Harvey. Steve was able to single out Jordan and exchange in some friendly banter back and fourth. The two of them also hit it off offstage as well and before long Mr. Harvey had passed on his agents contact info to Jordan telling him to give him a call. That is when things started to move fast for Jordan, he contacted Adam Plotkin of NOPACTalent and Mr. Plotkin brought Jordan into what turned out to be a life changing interview. Mr. Plotkin decided to bring Jordan into NOPACTalent and from there scored him an audition with ESPN. Jordan is flying out to LA in the coming weeks to try for a spot with the Sports Goliath. We were not able to contact Steve Harvey on what he saw in Jordan to pass on his agents information but we were able to get a hold of NOPACTalent. Adam Plotkin said, “He was amazed at the charisma and confidence Jordan showed with the spotlight on him, he is a fun entertaining person who doesn’t think much before speaking, a quality that Hollywood looks for!” Here at Channel 23 news we reached out to Jordan on his take of this whirlwind process. He replied, “It has really taken me off guard how fast it has happened, and I am not sure if it’s something I want to do.” Well why wouldn’t you want to we asked. “I am a Federal Park Ranger and there is a lot of pride in what I do, I don’t know if I can give it up to become some Hollywood sell out.” He went on to say, “I do real good for this country, it takes a special person to be a Park Ranger, we took a sworn oath to defend this great nation’s parks, I cant just walk away from it!” We asked him one final question, are you even going to go out to Las Angeles? With a smile on his face he said, “You bet your sweet A** I am going, who would turn down first class airfare and all the crab legs you could eat, plus if they offer enough I might have to consider becoming a part time Ranger, full time Star!” Well there you have it, Jordan Griffin a man of principles and integrity not sure on what path to take in his life but we wish him the best!