Local Teen Commits Suicide

Adrian Alvarez (May 12, 2000-May 18, 2017)

Local Teen Adrian Alvarez passes away after commiting suicide. Reports of gunfire coming from the calm neighborhood of Martinez street, brought attention to authorities.
When they arrived at the scene, all was calm until the parents of Adrian Alvarez ( Sonia Alvarez-Ramirez and Alex Alvarez) supplicated the officers to call ambulances.
The Nogales Police Department officers discovered that Adrian suffered from a direct fracture in the right anterior cranial fossa after a suicidal gunshot from a .45 ACP FMJ bullet.
Adrian Alvarez was only 17 years old and was survived by his parents Sonia Alvarez-Ramirez, his father Alex Alvarez, his sister Ariana Alvarez, and his brother Alex Alvarez.
Funeral services will be held on May 20th, 2017 at Atair’s Carooon Mortuary. Friends and family will be welcome.