Man and wife accused of growing marijuana on his land in Clay County, Missouri

Several pounds of marijuana were found on a local piece of unincorporated property between Smithville and Liberty. Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo stated that approximately 200 pounds of marijuana was growing at the residence of Dennis and Margaret Holcomb.
A County Deputy spotted the illegal plants when he witnessed cows in the pasture laying down looking “dazed and confused.” Upon further examination, the cows were extremely mellow and the Deputy stated, ” it was like the cows were laughing at him.”
Warrants are being sought for Dennis and Margaret Holcomb.
Both Holcomb’s have been residing at the current location, and it is believed they planted the illegal plants to save their land from past due taxes owed on the property. Nothing further has been stated.
We will keep you updated and posted on further details of this story.