Man Arrested For Assisting Escapee Chicken

A 41 year old man has been arrested for helping an escaping hen.
The hen has not been named for privacy reasons but her age has been confirmed as 2 years. The man, David Hilward, was detained by the Thames Valley Police on Sunday afternoon and is awaiting further questioning. The hen has been returned to her family.
She and Hilward were spotted by a dog walker, Lucie Ashwell ,running across a field at the bottom of the Williams’ garden, where the hen lives.
Suspicions were raised when the Williams’ 13 year old daughter Sophie couldn’t find the hen when she went out to check on them at around one o’clock The family were having lunch at the time of the escape and did not notice anything amiss.
The police have not released details on the escape but it is believed that Hilward may have distracted the Williams for the hen then gone round the back of the house to help her.
The Williams described the hen in question as an “escape artist” who had made multiple (but failed) escape attempts over the past month. Mr Williams, head of the family, said they did not hear any sounds to suggest the escape was taking place.
The hen lives with her 5 sisters in an enclosure at the bottom of the Williams’ 0.63 acre garden and is a Rhode Island Red who was bought by the Williams one and a half years ago.