New Biscuit Discoveries By Top Ukulele Musician

Farnborough ukulele player, Simon Taylor (33) has been awarded a grant by the UK Food Research Industry to continue his ground-breaking research into the biscuit eating habits of the UK population.

Starting last year with the pronunciation of the popular “Nice” biscuit, and discovering that the most popular pronunciation is “Nice”, Mr Taylor has moved on to discovering the maximum dunking time of a digestive biscuit at the recent Grand Northern Ukulele Festival.

Mr Taylor’s British Biscuit Pronunciation Research will use the grant to further their research at the forthcoming Winchester Ukulele Festival on the 3rd of June, where he will also be performing with the award-winning unplugthewood jam, headed up by the legendary Hedge Inspectors.

Mr Taylor said “at BBPR, we are committed, and will further the knowledge and research into the great British biscuit.