Only Putin Can Save Trump and America From Liberal Elite

The liberal elites have been trying to destroy America for many years. First they got rid of slavery, then they got rid of segregation, then they let in all the Mexicans, and now they are trying to get rid of Donald Trump by using their fake news media to propogate baseless conspiracy theories about collusion with Russia. You have to ask yourself, why did they choose Putin and Russia to make up the false narrative they are using to try to delegitimize our greatest President? The answer is because Putin is the only world leader who could actually save us from their liberal agenda of destroying American values. After all, if you had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, who would really be worse for America? Hillary and the democrats would let Mexicans take our jobs, let Muslim terrorists bomb our children and let gay sex take us all to hell. Putin is against illegal immigration, terrorism and gay sex. This is why the liberal elites and eurotrash like France and Germany are so afraid of an alliance between Trump and Putin. Even the thought of it makes them shake in their boots. That’s why they’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes with this nonsense about collusion. If Trump and Putin truly joined forces, they could stop muslims, Mexicans and gays from ruining the entire world. We need to stop this ridiculous investigation of collusion and start realizing that Putin is the only person who can save Trump from the vast left wing conspiracy. If we don’t ask Putin to help us keep Trump as our President, then the liberal elites will surely get him impeached so they can go back to destroying America and oppressing white men.