Phillip Bradford Brondstater, 21, Arrested for Breaking and Entering

Phillip Bradford Brondstater was arrested last night at 8:49 PM after an altercation with police when they were alerted by homeowners about an intruder in their house. Police Cheif Lawrence Jenkins states that Brondstater was walking home from the local bar when he heard the song “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter playing from a house located on the 400 block of Piccadilly Street. In a fit of intoxication, he broke down the front door and proceeded to dance violently by himself to the song until police arrived shortly after, arresting him. Brondstater was charged with Breaking and Entering and Public Intoxication and will be held in Jail until his trial date is set. For more information on this hooligan, contact White House Proccessing Plant.