Portsmouth Man finds human faeces in roast dinner

The Mary rose dragon is at major scrutiny after a man has found human exrament in his roast dinner,
Steve says: I was enjoying my roast when I had a foul taste in my mouth, upon closer inspection i see a brown clumpy object, I prodded it with my fork and it sort of broke away I knew something wasn’t right.
I discarded the rest of my food and complained, but the waiter rudely barked back at me saying it’s just the gravy that is a tad lumpy,
Eventually I received a full refund.
Steven spoke to us straight after the event took place,
He explained further and said he took a sample of the grimey substance to the food hygiene agency and the results were astonishing.
The FHA contacted Steve and confirmed that his suspicions were accurate that in fact they found human waste in his food.
Investigators are set to examine the standards of the property and its food hygiene.