President Trump Attacks Interns

US President Donald Trump had been restrained by his own Secret Service detail after an unprovoked attack on interns, who were in attendance during a meeting with his Cabinet.
President Trump claims that it was due to the stress he’s under, since being informed of the death of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.
“Roger was a close friend, very close, and his passing is a shock to my soul,” Mr Trump stated. “That Chris Cornell was never inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before he passed was the tipping point.”
With his hands bloodied, Mr. Trump was heard shouting “Enjoy your repealed and replaced Obamacare, kids!” as he was being whisked away by the Secret Service.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated the President had no intention to apologize, since there was “no harm, no foul.”