Return of the sea lions

The town of Urmston in Greater Manchester will finally get its wish after years of campaigning by its residents to re- instate the bronze sea lions which were destroyed during the rebuilding of the town centre a number of years ago.
But it will come at a cost. The taxpayer is expected to foot the bill of nearly Β£900’000 for the commission of the sculptures. The three sea lions were part of daily Urmston life for over thirty years and were the focal point of the town standing proud in the main square.
Maggie Cockburn (90) a resident of Urmston all her life spent every day from her retirement in 1987 in the old precinct next to the sea lions feeding the pigeons and chatting to shoppers. “Everyone wanted the Sea lions back, and the only people that will grumble at the cost certainly won’t be from Urmston” said Maggie.
Work has already commenced on the sea lion sculptures by renowned artist and creator of the “b of the bang” sculpture in East Manchester Thomas Heatherton who said he was honoured and delighted to have been chosen to recreate the bronze and finally bring an end to the residents years of campaigning.
Asked about his thoughts on the tax payer funding the project Heatherton replied “Its a drop in the ocean when you consider that Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
It is expected that there will be a grand unveiling of the art around Christmas time to coincide with the spectacular festive lights switch on with the Mayor of Trafford and other
dignitaries in attendance