Staples High Plagiarism Problem

Westport, Connecticut. Students in Staples High School English classes were continuously found to have plagiarized cites like SparkNotes and Shmoop in their essays by the administration. This recent development has spanned all grades at the High School, and all parents have been notified via email. “I had a student who practically copied and pasted the entire SparkNotes summary in her Lord of the Flies essay, I found this out when recently re looking at the essays,” remarked English teacher Jamie Pacuk. This specific student was Emily Pozzuto, 15, who was recently found over the Memorial Day weekend to have plagiarized almost all of her English papers. Pozzuto’s mother was notified Tuesday morning, and promises to have a stern talking to with her daughter at the end of the day. Pozzuto, like many other students who have done the same, faces an F in the class. This could ruin her college acceptance chances. Some may say it’s a harsh punishment, but administrators say it is the only way to crack down on this plagiarism problem.