Student to be banned from eating cookies for the rest of her life

A major riot has sparked up to ban a student from ever eating cookies, after they allegedly locked someone out of the defendant’s friend’s house.
12 year old Samar Mazhar was visiting a friend, when Mazhar’s other friend, who has asked to be unnamed, asked to enter. As the owner of the house made to open the door, Mazhar smiled and said don’t open it.
The owner of the house was confused, but didn’t open the door. The victim shouted and knocked on the door, but Mazhar just taunted the victim and walked into the other room.
Channel23news spoke with both the defendant and the victim:
“I don’t understand what the fuss is about,” Mazhar stated,”It was a joke! Besides, she kinda deserved it… I’M JOKING YEESH!”

“I do understand what the fuss is about, and I’m happy people are sticking up for me,”the victim replied,”I had a cold that night, and it was freezing outside. I COULD HAVE DIED! My so called FRIEND locked me out of a house. And I agree, I think she deserves the ban.”

The defendant, Mazhar, will be going through a trial on Thursday to determine how long and whether or not she should be banned from cookies.