Tallan Noble Latz is set to become the new guitarist for Bon Jovi

17 year old guitarist from Elkhorn, WI has been tapped by Jon Bon Jovi is be the band’s new guitarist on the worldwide tour. Tallan is still only a junior at Elkhorn Area High School but Bon Jovi has decided that they will wait for Tallan to finish out the year and then go out on the world wide tour. It’s something when a band like Bon Jovi reschedules tour dates in order to make it work for Tallan, that says a lot about what they think of Tallan and what he could add to the energy of the upcoming shows.
“Tallan’s skill level and feel is what I have been looking for in a young gun slinger and I found it in Tallan.” said Bon Jovi.
Tallan is very excited to be included in this tour and looks forward to playing in front of millions over the summer. “This is like a dream summer job!” said Tallan.