Tears as Steak Bakes are off the menu-Greggs quits Worksop

Worksop residents will no longer be able to get their Steak Bake fix as the savoury pastie bakers announce that both Worksop stores will close their doors next week.

Worksop has been known as the pasty capital of England with obesity levels on the rise and residents loving to snack on the famous pasties, sausage rolls and cakes. The baker has now acknowledged this trend and no longer wishes to be associated with this lifestyle as it now models it show much more around the 21st century coffee shop experience. Bosses fear that this sophistication re-branding no longer aligns with expectations of the savoury loving Worksop residents.

We spoke to residents on Friday on a busy Bridge Street who made their angry feelings quite clear that the baker was abandoning them. ” They can take away our colourful fag packets but no more sausage rolls is a step too far duck” said one distressed shopper. Another added “Argos gone, Greggs going, don’t tell we will get a Waitrose next for those fancy out of town types. These shops are part of our heritage along with Vape shops and Pound stores!!”

A spokesman for Greggs said” Times are changing and we can no longer contribute to the Worksop taste buds and we want to be seen as a healthier option”.

Rumours that Buger King and Subway are also about to follow this changing trend and quit Worksop, could not be substantiated as we went to press.