The secret baby he does not know about!

I am one of 3 sisters, kind and have a free spirit. One night, away from university (Lincoln), I was out at a few night clubs, getting rather drunk with a few friends.

While out I met this great man, chatted and got on most of the night, was buying me drinks. The usual stuff.

I ended up taking him back to my dorm, and well, we got down to business. Unfortunately we did not have the right protection, but I let him go at it anyway.

About 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant, and well I ended up having his baby. The one thing is, he does not know and now I really.want him to know so he can be a father, or at least get to know his baby.

I only knew his name was jack, a lived near London. I have been scouring Facebook and think I have found him.

His name is Jack Fellows but it won’t let me message him due to his settings, so I write this so people can help me get I touch with him.

Attached is his profile picture.