Trump Claims His Mother is Babylonian Goddess Ishtar

WASHINGTON DC — President Trump made a stunning claim over dinner Sunday evening.

“You know, people call me a ‘bastard’ all the time, ” the President told the First Lady over a dinner of Kraft Mac n Cheeze and Gorton’s fish sticks. “But my mom, she’s Ishtar. She’s great. Beautiful woman. Powerful. My mom is hot. Smoking hot.”

The response by the First Lady was unclear as she immediately left the table. Our source also revealed as they were leaving the White House, they head a woman retching and crying behind a closed door. It was unconfirmed whether said woman was the First Lady.

Ishtar was the Mesopotamian Goddess of goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power. She reportedly released the Bull of Heaven after Gilgamesh rejected her advances.