Trump Neocons Threaten to Stick Book Up Author’s Ass, Get Epic Reply

Author Cole Collins was in Washington, DC last weekend to promote his book “The Witch of Washington,” which details his abusive experience working in the private sector for a high ranking Republican who is now a key member of Donald Trump’s administration. While he was signing his books for fans, a group of Trump fascists approached wanted to know what the book was about.

“I told them the truth,” Collins said. “It’s about a bad Republican I once worked for.”

Like so many Trumpsters, these thugs didn’t like what they heard, and they responded the only way conservatives know how: with threats. They threatened to stick the book up Collins’ ass. But Collins had the perfect reply. Collins, you see, has had a colostomy since he was 18, which means some changes had to be made “down there.”

“I told them I don’t have an asshole, but if they were that interested in foreplay, to call me and we’ll work something out.”

The shocked Trumpsters did the only thing they know how to do when people stand up to their bullying.

“They just gave me a strange look and walked away,” Collins said.

It was the perfect reply to the perfect neocon bullies.