Trump’s Wall To Come To Southern Arizona

Despite the disagreements between he proposed plan to build a wall on the southern borders of the United States the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump plans on attending a meeting with the Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey, Director of Homeland Security Charles Johnson, and Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitiello to discuss just that.

Due to a high rise in illegal immigrantion crossing, drug smuggling, and other crimes the governor of Arizona has called an Emergency meeting to take place to discuss tightening border security.

Ducey said in an interview with Channel 23 News, “Due to the recent reports I’ve received I think it’s time that we consider the proposed plans of the president and take them into action. It’s time that we take our border security seriously and do all that we can to protect the citizens of Arizona and start by setting an example to the rest of the country that we cannot allow such illegal actions to continue to take place.”

Ducey introduced an idea that the payment for a wall on the border would be made by imposing a tax on all residents of Arizona beginning in January of 2018 and lower state funding for public schools. The Meeting is set to take place in the late Harambe’s home in Cincinnati that way trump can find more ways to ruin the country before he gets the impeachment he so rightfully deserves. By the way dude why are you still reading this? Haven’t figured out that this is fake? Homie the only way trump is building a wall is in your dreams. Β‘Viva Mexico!