Universal Orlando To Close For 10 Days

Universal Orlando, a major tourist destination in central Florida, will be closed for 10 days at the end of October. The closure will be do to the addition of a new ride and scheduled maintenance.
Omar Wishigan, spokesman for parent company General Electric, announced the decision on Tuesday. NBCUniversal released a statement which read in part ” We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our visitors who had planned to attend Universal Orlando during this time period. In order to compensate those who are making the trip from out of state, we are offering free admission to several other local attractions , such as Wally’s Gator Ranch and Emporium, Big Elmers Snake Farm, The Orlando Barnstorming Amusement Park, and twice daily water show at The Wiki-Waki senior Mermaid Retirement Community. , conveniently located just off of the I-4 frontage road.
Mr Wishigan stated that any complaints may be forewarded to Ms. D. Lepsy at the Michigan Corporate Office.