Where are they now?

We have all wondered what ever happened to the play boy millionaire Alex Wragg. Where is he now?

Alex originally made his money importing Swedish tobacco, once reaching his first million status some complications with the supplier “dissing up the place” meant he was under investigation for attempted fraud. Claiming circa 10tonne of the Swedish tobacco never arrived at our shores. With this failing Alex had to move elsewhere to feed his addiction for crime.
The mob boss now claims to be running legit, owning a maintenance firm from his penthouse in high green. This money laundering firm is a front for his true income, he now illegally fishes our shores looking for exotic sharks to sell abroad and to high end restaurants. The image below show shim wrestling a 400kg great white in Barnsley.

It is expected that he is worth over 50 million now, with his fingers in many businesses, it is claimed he now buys and sells Belgium cars under the fake alias “if it ain’t Belgium we don’t sell um”.

But all we can say is he is a funny and good looking kid