Witch Witch of Narina Rules, OK!

In a bizzar twist, an ancient loophole in the English Constitution has lead to the end of the 65 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The current British monarch, who is currently the longest reigning monarch in history, will announce her abdication today, and the White Witch of Narnia will become Queen of The British Commonwealth with immediate effect.

The ‘Turkish’ Clause, as it is being named, is an ancient loophole in monarchical constitution whic decrees that the rightful ruler of England will be the one who defeats the Lion of Aslam at the Table of Stone.

Late last night news broke that Morgrim, the Witches Chief of Secrect Police, had presented the body of Aslam to the British Parliament at the House of Commons with a declaration from the Queen of Narnia, assserting her rightful position as Queen of England.

The British public now await the planned statement from Buckingham Palace.

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