Woman lures man in to car with gua paan …

The victim Mr Ruhul Choudhury was working out in the park ! When a car pulled up next him , which believed to be driven by suspect Mrs Sufia Mannan , showed him a faan daan, and said ” would he like some” Mr Choudhury said he would love some, Mrs Mannan thn asked him to jump in the back seat !

She drove him to a secluded place ,where Mr Choudhury’s ordeal began ! Mr Choudhury was subjected to one hour of utter humiliation embarrassment and molestation by Mrs Mannan!

Mrs Mannan deny’s all charges and says victim willing came in the car !

Mr choudhury is left so traumatised and disturbed by the whole ordeal ! U can see him holding a board in the park saying “I love gua paan abduct me please”