Women wanted for questioning for allegedly Kidnapping,Torturing and Human Trafficking an FBI confidential informant Richard Beckworth AKA Puppet AKA Bones on Memorial weekend.

An FBI confidential informant was allegedly kidnapped through out Memorial Day weekend ,tortured and sold as Human sex slave to numerous gay men.He was held captive ,beaten, mayhemed, electricuted and raped by gay men numerous times in the last 72 hours. Beckworth would not give a statement to police but confided in his girlfriend of the incident when she saw his body brutally mayhemed on Monday after he had been missing for 3 days.When Beckworth was asked what happened he told her ”PeeWee’s mom did this,crazy bitch.Don’t call police,she’ll kill us.A missing report has also been filed for Beckworths girlfriend,she was last seen leaving the Federal Foley Building.FBI and all Law Enforcement agencies are looking for Tonya Stone for questioning.The FBI has a $100,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.He is a star witness in 100’s of FBI cases and will no longer testify due to this incident…According to Stone’s mother she has been on Vacation at her Uncle Vincenzo’s in Sicily for weeks and didn’t say when or if she was returning-.Tonya is known to be armed and extremely dangerous ,do not try to approach or capture.Anyone with any information in this case ,please call (702)385-5555 secret witness hotline.