World’s Sexiest Man 2017

Rajesh is voted sexiest man of 2017. A worldwide panel unanimously judged Rajesh to be the sexiest man in the world. No stranger to this award, this is the fourth consecutive year Rajesh has won. George Clooney holds the record at five consecutive wins but Indian judge Subash Subramaniam states “Rajesh has it in the bag..ya…he is the rasmalaii of Indian hearts”. British judge Sir Cuthbert Poshknob reported that Rajesh “swept the competition away with his top notch debonair good looks.” This is the first year that the panel consisted of only straight men. We asked notable football manager and French judge Arsene Wenger for comment on this seemingly sexist, homophobic shift. He reported “well…er…last year you say…ze carnage…with ze ladies and ze gay men fainting all over ze place when Rajesh’s picture came up. It is ze only way ze competition could go forward but I admit zat I too was light headed ziss year when I saw ze photo.” So there you have it! Congratulations Rajesh on your 2017 win!