11 Years of Tax Evasion Lands Local In Hot Water

Levittown resident, Matthew Lerlo, was charged yesterday afternoon for tax evasion. According to undisclosed sources, IRS officials filed charges against the 39 year old. Sources close to Lerlo weren’t surprised by the news however.

One source, Shawn Enz, described Lerlo in an interview this morning. He stated, ‘I’ve been friends with that horse toothed jack arse since we were kids. He was always a cheap f-ck. One time we went to a burger place and he ordered a 10.00 hamburger. When I asked why no cheese, he turned to me and said it’s an extra .15 bro and proceeded to try to shake me down for .15!’

Bail was set at $100.51 which Lerlo borrowed from family and friends. Trial set to take place Oct. 5 of this year.