12 foot Bigfoot corpse found in Pennsylvania

Early this week in Snyder county a 12 foot hairy body was found lying in a structure. A trapper was walking and checking his traps when he came across a strange odor. The man claims he had his 22lr with him at the time. He said he saw a big structure that looked like it was made by indeans, but there was no active indean tribes known at this time. The trapper claims he got close enough to where the odor was to much to take in. He saw a weird shape on the ground in the structure. He was then so scared that he then called the cops and wildlife officers. They got in the structure and found the corpse on the ground.they took samples and it came back as an ape. The wildlife officers have been getting reports of sightings of what is believed to be a sasquatch. If you had sightings of sasquatch or manged bear please contact wildlife services.