3 Found Dead, 1 In Critical Condition After Finding 13oz of Crack in Abandoned House!

Kurt Butler, 33, popularly known as “Double Down” to the locals, is the only survivor of an incident that claimed the lives of three of his comrades. Monday June26 2017 Butler and three other friends broke into an abandoned house in search for property to steal, sell, or exchange for drugs. But what they found was more than they could ever imagine! ” I was like oh my God! I must have died and went to heaven!” Was how butler expressed his feelings when finding a duffel bag that contained 13 ounces of crack cocaine. ” my buddy was like, somebody is going to come back looking for this stuff. So we decided to get rid of it before they came looking!” Butler said with excitement. “We was trying to smoke it all! Before I realized it, we was in the house smoking for four days!” He explained. ” when I woke up this morning I couldn’t move my legs or my left arm. It was all numb. And the other three guys wouldn’t wake up, so I started calling and screaming for help! “Butler said, tears falling from his face. Butler and his three deceased friends are currently facing charges of breaking and entering in with intent to elicit control substances, and are currently being detained in Sumter County detention Center.