30 year old male from Ellsworth Mn arrested on 2 counts of counter fitting and 1 count of stolen property

30 year old Trevor Boltjes was arrested Wednesday June 28th at his residence in Ellsworth mn at approximately 11:30 pm. The Worthington sheriff’s department responded to Trevors residence after a tip from a local resident about Trevor loading what appeared to be automotive parts into a white umarked van at around 2:30 am the last 3 Mondays of the month. Trevor refused to open the door when the Worthinton Sheriff tried to speak with Trevor so a warrant for his arrest was issued and police forcefully entered his residence and Found Trevor passed out in his basement from high levels of alcohol. Three firearms were also discovered in the home alone with over 300,000 dollars in cash. Trevor is being held at the Nobles county jail until his court date. For more information please visit www.kissmyassitsajoke.net