32 year old hispanic victim juan Corrales found shot to death after shoot out with 3 others in wich 2 died and one remains in critical condition

Breaking news out of Phoenix AZ 3 dead after big shoot out in west phoenix maryvale. witness says Corrales 32 yrs old protecting a woman and 2 kids being attacked by 3 armed men. heroic says witness he fought all 3 men knocking 2 of them out with a fury of punches until one of the suspects pulls out a semi auto weapon and shoots at victim juan Corrales. Corrales then returns fire killing the attacker. The two other assailants run to the vehicle open the trunk says the witness and pulls out what he called a cuerno spanish for ak47 a powerfull fully automatic assault riffle they exchange fire mr Corrales wouldn’t give up says witness determined to protect the mother and children killing the second suspect and criticali wounding the third suspect. juan Corrales was shot 11 times fought for his life 3 hours before passing at local hospital. Witness says Corrales is a true definition of humanities real heroes.