A Telecommunication Regional Operations Manager Was Arrested For An Undisclosed Amount Of Drugs

On Wednesday afternoon Centurylink’s Regional operations manager Earl Mills was pulled over by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police for a traffic stop. The reason for the stop was a white powdery substance pouring out of the back of the CenturyLink vehicle. When officers approached the vehicle they noticed a strong odor and noises coming from the back of the CenturyLink van he was operating. When officers ask Mr. Mills to exit the vehicle he advised there were three other individuals in the back. When officers open the side door on the CenturyLink van they discovered three naked males engaging in what was called butt sex. Officers also found over 100 pounds of cocaine and 3 gallons of Astroglide in the back of the CenturyLink van. The names of the three other individuals are Brandon Luff, Joshua Derringer & Jess Duncan. All for men claim to be going to a gay club but instead their plans were ruined by Las Vegas Police Officers. Only the mugshot Earl Mills is able to be released due to the fact the other three men had a white creamy substance on their face. They are due to be in court on Thursday morning. We will follow up on this story.