After year long investigation WPT identifies worlds worst poker player

After a year long investigation Channel 23 journalist Rob HangLow reports sources saying the World Poker Tour has identified the worlds worst poker player. While the mans name is unknown he goes by the screen name “2can” and is from Hermantown, Mn. 2can has been a member of the WPT free online poker site for 18 months and has yet to win a hand says the analytics manager for WPT. Rex Ryan, Vice President of operations said we at the WPT have never seen anything like this and would not believe it if we didnt have the rock solid, undeniable proof right in front of us. Our system picked up this horrible play a year ago and we have been analyzing 2Can ever since. The WPT actually hired a extra person to observe 2Cans play fulltime. After a year long investigation James Comey has come up with a possible answer to the mystery. James is quoted as saying “other than the obvious horrible judgement, it seems 2Can has been playing Texas Holdem totally wrong. At this time I feel it is more probable than not 2Can thinks 2’s are Ace value, 3’s are King value, 4’s are Queen value and so on. He may even think he is playing a different game all together”? End quote. Reporting Channel 23 News Rob HangLow….