Beat the fuck outta ya face

Atlantic City premier of upscale makeup shop owned by kassana Lamberty and co owned by puchie Longo!! Are you wakeing up feeling froggy? Is you skin on ya face real scaly like a motha fucking reptile?? Well come check out kassana and puchie who will beat the shit outta your face specializes in makeing you look like a princess and a younger looking soul !! We are an upscale makeup artists who charge cash or debit only no drugs or cridit allowed!! Also we don’t do weaves caps or sew-ins please make sure your hair is on point so everything falls into place when your make up is done front laced perfered but not nessary kassana is professional puchie is the rachet one so I suggest u have her beat your face cuz puchie be flizzed half the time and will have you looking like ru Paul mixed with Casper and don king!!! Open from 7am untill 8pm apt 808 untill fish comes home then everybody gotta give us our money and bounce!!! Come check is the fuck out word to muva