Bill 63:566-17 Passes! The Government is providing FREE LIFE INSURANCE!

Finally, the day has arrived! You’ve been putting off getting life insurance because you can’t afford it, you’ll never die, your family can figure it out, etc. Well you can keep behaving like a child because the government will give it to you for free!

Yeah, no they won’t. Grow up. Seriously. Stop waiting. Stop thinking that you don’t need it.
The time will never be right to get it. If you keep waiting, it’ll be more expensive! You’re getting older, you can get health issues that can make you uninsurable. Life insurance isn’t just to pay for stuff if you die, it’s to provide the income that is lost when you leave this earth!

Don’t you love your family? Don’t you love your kids? Are you the bread winner? When you for, so does your income.

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