Both Major Parties Surprised Their Negative Campaigning Has Become Permanent

June 0, 2017-Washington, DC— Spokespersons for both Republican and Democratic Committees today admitted with a chuckle that they were never sure their negative propaganda camaigns against each other had any “legs”, let alone extend permanently into the consciousness of the American Public.
” You know, we had to go really far back to find some of those goofy comments, and we were afraid people might reaize that everybody says some stupid sh-t . But somehow it lasted. I wish it had actually worked.” reflected T. Furst Latee, of the Democratic Committee. ” Republican Party officials admitted that they thought a server was a waiter, and never fully understood why anyone would object to having a private one. ” But they apparently did.” said veteran campaigner Locker Upp.
All involved in both campaigns will be keynote speakers in next month’s Summit to Examine and Perfect National Hysteria PsyOps. Summit organizers hope to organize working committees in time for midterm elections. Says Operations Chief Rilem Upp (no relation to Locker) ” We can’t afford to let this sh-t die down, the next Presdential election will be here before we know it.”