Catana and Chris brown shocking announcement

June 25th at the bet awards Chris Brown called his soon to be wife up on the stage and the crowd was very shock to hear Chris brown propose to catana on the stage what she bussed out in tears and said ” omg yes Chris yesss I will Marry you” and he gave a short announcement that he stated ” my future wife catana you are the best thing that ever happened to me when we first met I’m like she bad Asf I should get on that but she looked mean but I forgot all about that and talked to u and after that night I knew you was the one for me and I just want to thank you for being there for me and royalty and one day we will have a family of own soon” then the crown when Wild And chanted ” Chris you did that ” then he picked her up and left off the stage we got news that it is a open ceremony and it will be like on the date Of January 27th also Catana’s birthday congratulations catana and chris