City says goodbye to police force

Calexico, CA
In a recent city council meeting, city officials have approved budget cuts to address the city’s deficit. The police force which consists of 55% of the city’s budget was drastically reduced after it was determined the police force of 9 officers was too costly for the city.

“We can’t afford for the Dirty Six to return”, said Maritza Hurtado. “I spent too much of the city’s money to get rid of these officers just for them to return”, Hurtado added.

“There never was corruption”, said Dirty Six spokesperson, German Duran. “Obviously nobody has been arrested and doesn’t that tell you there never was corruption?”, said Duran. “Asi vino el sandwich”, added Duran. “Obviously if you order a sandwhich and it comes that way, how can it be corrupt”, asked Duran. “Don’t blame me, blame whomever made the sandwhich, said Duran.

“He wants you to believe it was the sandwhich that caused all the overtime”, said Hurtado. “Sure if the sandwhich comes that way, then it’s up to the sandwhich maker, but Bostic was brought here to figure out who made the sandwhich”.

Hurtado referenced Michael Bostic who was hired in Calexico to root out corruption. “He was trying to figure out who made these sandwiches Duran speaks of. While trying to uncover the sandwhich maker, unfortunately the sandwhich maker had Bostic fired.”