Dallas teen JUAN SANTOS A.K.A EL FATBOY accused of double murder nd distribution of a control substance & prostitution in the block of 9800

Dallas teen Juan A santos a.k.a el Fatboy, has been acused of double murder and distribution off a controled substance when the detectives followed the suspect which he led the police to a home in Malcolm x Ave of the 4300 block where shots have bin fired from the residence .. Juan santos has 8 prostitutes inside the home who are being held against their will to work for him and his “gang” who are known as the “Notorious 3M” …..

UPDATE – 6 officers has bin shot trying to enter the residence 4 are pronounced dead , one wounded & the other is still in critical condition.. so far police has had trouble communicating with the Head Huncho Bossmaan Juan santos A.K.A el Fatboy .. This is starting to look as a stand off . Stay tuned .