Drone Leader DJI offers Edison man $500K Deal

Yes it’s hard to believe , a guy who started flying drones for fun, has been offered a deal by the industries leader in Drone manufacturing, DJI. The company has offered Tim Castleton , 41 of Edison NJ a $500K deal to promote there drones, fly and test them on a regular basis. “I’m in shock,” states Tim who said he began flying 4 years ago as a hobby. “By putting my pics and videos on instagram with DJI as a hashtag, I just wanted to share my work with other hobbiests, I never thought it would come to this. I’m extremely honored and excited to crash there newest most expensive drones” he replied as he laughed. DJI President Chong Wang Lee was not available for comment , but there media relations office stated ” we try to find morons like Tim , to show people how easy it really is to fly. This will be an investment on our part for sure” . Within the next month follow snapperscreations on Instagram and follow the newest and latest drones being demonstrated