Elgin Man Found Unconscious in Bathroom

A man was trapped in an Elgin nightclub after being locked inside the bathroom after a night of binge drinking. His genius way out? Tweeted to his friends and family to let them know where he was.

Chicago Tribune reports that on Thursday, Charles Bedrosian was clubbing at a famous Elgin juicebar when he went to use the bathroom and locked the door. When he was done doing his business, the door wouldn’t unlock. He even tried using his credit card to wiggle the door open, but to no avail.

That’s when the middle aged-man turned to Twitter:

@stumpy_dick I’m stuck in a toilet — CharlesBedrosian
@stumpy_dick ok thanks. please try and be quick, it’s not a great smell! — CharlesBedrosian

Although he was stuck in the poopy prison for about 2 hours, a teen aged girl at the club that heard his cries managed to open the door before friends could come to his rescue. At this point, the exhausted man had fallen unconscious. He was then taken to Provena Saint Joseph Hospital.