Ex J-Roos Employee victim to Home Invasion, Chickens Raped

Last night at approximately 11:35 p.m. the home of local gooner Rafay Irfan was broken into and raided. $600 cash, a retro Thierry Henry Jersey, and a Snoop Dogg poster were all taken from the home. In addition, a large Jamaican man was seen raping Irfans chickens in his backyard. Irfan attempted to stop the assailent, but and altercation ensued and the perpetrator fled. Police calculated that 13 chickens had been anally raped by the Jamaican. The invvasion was unexpected, but not improbable as this attack is believed to be a result of a previous incident involving Hamden native Erick Reyes. Reyes and Irfan both members of the notorious Rich Homie crew had a falling out. Reyes, being well connected in the criminal word, would be more than capable of carrying out the crime.