Finessing the system

It was Friday afternoon when fellow C.B. member T-Money got a text message from fellow family member Katherine Johnson at approximately 6:15 pm. Katherine is an established member of this family , she is a living legend and never goes like cheese. Her partner Sweeney “Boss” Appiah was with her at the time. At 6:32 pm Katie text Tay and told him she was outside. Tay knew time was running low , he needed to make a play for his teammates , and remembered that one on one he had never lost. He then proceeds to “finesse” the system by saying she can’t get her bank card until uncle j was invited too. Game 7. 3 seconds left. Katie pulled up beyond the arc. The crowd is silent . In anticipation to see what happens. BAAAAAAAAAAANGGGGGGGG SHE PUTS IT IN !!!!!!!! GAME OVER !!!!!! CB WINS. and that ladies and gentleman is how you finnese the system with a little help from Jesus. Jelani and Mike ended up making the final roster spots and their debuts are next Saturday at Granite city at the harbor @ 7:30 pm.