Firefighters get caught having sex during a fire πŸ”₯

It happened on westbroke elm street South west of 2300 block, Chicago IL, police got a strange phone call that the house on the left end of the block had caught fire. They immediately called fire fighters to the house. Over two hours later a dispatcher came on police radio that the fire on the block had been put out. Neighbors suspected that the firefighters had been demolished in the fire when they seen that the flames had been put out but two of the firefighters did not leave. Police arrived at the burned home as soon as it was discovered. Police office “Mack pat all about stacks” had entered the home around 2:15pm to discover that the two firefighters had been having sex officer pat could not arrest them because it was not public nudity because half of the house was still standing. One of the figure fighters pleaded with officer pat not to be arrested and insisted that he would “suck his dick for a cheeseburger” and that he would suck his dick from the back and make his asshole clap that he has never had that”. No arrest were made.