Forever FM goes live on DAB throughout Uk.

Following the success of the recent BBC comedy Peter Kay’s Car Share, the production company has Been inundated with requests from the UK public, for a radio station with similarities to the one featured in the hit TV series to broadcast witty banter, comedic adverts and the music featured in both series..
In a recent interview, Forever FM station director Steve Littlebottom said “We are so proud to be the company chosen to present what is to be the soundtrack of our lives.
We have successfully negotiated with some of the top names in U.K broadcasting. Names such as Tony Blackbum from Radios 1&2, former Ashbourne Radio presenter Dave Taylor and Art Fm’s Amy Hose.
Subject to licensing technicalities, we hope to broadcast nationwide online and on DAB by the end of July 2017.”
Top presenter Dave Taylor added, “As always, I will be coming in your ears once more, so tune in, turn it up and rip off your knob!!”
So check them out.
And enjoy.
Forever FM.