Harding gradutes make FBI ten most wanted list.

Yes, two 1977 Marion Harding graduates have brought infamy to their small hometown of Marion, Ohio. Rick “Clyde” Shirk and his partner in crime, Tammy “Bonnie” Shirk rose to number four on the FBI most wanted list. It seems the couple uses their family business as a cover to launder thousands of dollars made from their real profession- running a brothel. However, Rick “Pimp Daddy” as he is known amongst the call girls and Johns shows no remorse, nor does his counterpart “Madame” Tammy. “We’re number four with a bullet!”, the couple exclaims. “My daddy taught me to go with my strength” says Madame. Pimp Daddy enthusiasticly nods in agreement as he holds up his index fingers and shouts “We’re going for number one!”