Holland Man Arrested for Camp Crystal Lake Killings

A 27 year old Holland man was arrested today in connection to multiple murders over the past 5 weeks. The suspect Matthew Korp was arrested and charged with the Murders of upwards of 200 murders over the past 5 weeks in Camp Crystal Lake. Reports say that Korp would dress as the killer from the movie Friday The 13th and go on a killing spree.
Some people who survived could hear him singing to his victims before he committed the brutal killings. Matt Taylor a friend of Korp’s had this to say “I thought I knew him better than that. Hopefully justice is taken upon him soon.” Sarah Mayo of Palmyra New York added “He was such a great person, I still don’t know what to think”
Korp was booked on all charges at the Holland Police department and is awaiting trial. The jury selection will begin in early September after the preliminary hearing takes place. Korp is expected to plead not guilty to the charges.