Hopewell teen that was jumped interviewed

Remember the 15 year old Hopewell teen that was jumped by 7 gay niggas? Well, we invited him back here to the channel23news studio and talked to him. After the news about his incident went public, people went crazy about it citing that it was the best shit they have ever read. So, because we’re money hungry and want more ratings, we invited that big ass dick nigga back. Here’s how the interview went.

Rachel (interviewer): Welcome back to channel23news Caleb, it’s nice to see you again. How are you today?

Caleb: I’m splendid Rachel, it’s nice to see those big titties again. I just wanna motorboat them bastards. **cums silently**

Rachel: omg Caleb hahahah you young stud you! Tell us how things have been for you since your incident.

Caleb: Well Rachel, life for me since then has sky rocketed. I cannot tell you how many tits I’ve signed since my story went out. Milfs these days are obsessed with teenagers. I don’t know why I’m not in porn yet.

Rachel: god were fucking after this interview okay? One thing everyone wants to know is your relationship with the Hopewell mayor. Tell us about him and you.

Caleb: Well after he found out I was deep dicking his wife and creaming her hole in the mornings, he sorta didn’t like me anymore. Obviously, you stupid cunt. Jeez go back in the kitchen and make some brownies.

Rachel: Apologizes for the ignorance. Tell us about the mayors wife.

Caleb: Ahhh Sherlena, that bitch has a cute face, but her body is busted. Bitches pussy smells like llama vomit. Her pussy smells like an infected stab wound. Her breath smells like civil war nut sack. Her nipples smell like hot spit and stale cheetos. Not to mention she has shit stains on her panties. Just an overall nasty bitch.

Rachel: Well Caleb one thing is for sure you have some big balls!

Caleb: Yeah, I know. Thanks to my dad. Genes are a blessing I tell you. Considering the way you look Rachel I’m gonna go out on a limb and say your mom is ugly as fucking shit.

Rachel: Okay once again that’s all we have for today. Join us next time here on channel23news.

Caleb: Peace niggas.