HUGE 25 foot, 6000lb shark caught near Cape May New Jersey

A gigantic twenty-five foot shark weighing over 6000 pounds was caught yesterday by Mr. Huben Sohadagen as he was surf fishing at Reeds Beach New Jersey. Mr. Huben Sohadagen said he was shocked and amazed to catch such a huge shark fishing from the beach, but it does explain all the missing swimmers. He said recently as many as ten people had disappeared, and they were thought to have drowned. Local police say that the shark will have to be cut open, and it’s stomach contents examined to determine if it contains human remains.

Mr. Sohadagen said he was trying to decide what to do with the shark…. he said, ‘I’m not sure I want to eat it, if it’s been eating people, that would make me a proxy cannibal!”.

-Iva Benlion –